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Product Management is the tackle for recovery. If we can make Product Management to be focused on identifying problems or opportunities in the market and be representing the customers of the company, then the company can recover.

In NORTHCERT we endorse this philosophy for Product Management and it is the reason why we face it with the respective significance in order to develop products / services that can be successful in foreign markets.

Branding, respectively, concerns the attempt to create a known brand, product or service. The investment in building a brand protects the company's profitability from price reduction pressures, as well as it assists in developing trust relationships between products and consumers.

NORTHCERT contribution to Product Management and Branding can provide answers to everyday questions that most of small-medium companies confront:

  • What is the right product mix that should be launched in every target market overseas?
  • What are the customers' needs? Do we need to develop new products or should we improve some of our existing ones?
  • What changes need to be made?
  • Under what name the products should be launched?
  • How can they become recognizable and, most importantly, differentiated from the competition?


Indicative services that we offer:

  • Analysis-evaluation of existing product portfolio.
  • Management and development of existing products.
  • Product portfolio mix strategy.
  • Design-Creation- Implementation of product / packaging specifications.
  • Analysis and determination of the innovative differentiation characteristics of the products under development.
  • Analysis-Identification-Definition of the brand personality.
  • Design-Development of Brand identity /Brand (re)Planning.
  • Analysis - Determination of target groups (buyers or users) – trends.
  • Brand (re)building / Brand (re)positioning.
  • Product myth development.
  • Design of the communication strategy of the corporate message.
  • Export website development.
  • Social Media Advertising.