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An enterprise must combine the various production resources, so that can produce quality products with good financial results for the enterprise itself, minimizing the environmental impacts and efficient energy resources management.

In order to achieve all the above objectives, it is essential for the enterprise to manage in an efficient way all processes concerning its production processes. Moreover it is essential for its various activities to be tuned-up and administration of human resources of enterprise to be performed in a suitable way. In such case the achieved financial and production results will be as close as the forecasted ones. For these reasons it is necessary to apply operation and management principals and methods in accordance with enterprise needs. Manufacturing for NORTHCERT is not perceived simply as the production process per se, but as a series of processes and actions, involving not only the production phase but a full network of participants, starting from the suppliers, passing through the production / processing stage, certification according to the European or any other product specific legislation and through the selected Route-to-Market strategy reaching to the end user. Therefore, the manufacturer’s requirements for NORTHCERTcover the full supply chain range, requiring a holistic approach that perfectly matches with the NORTHCERT know-how and skills. Based on our rich experience that we have gain after our collaboration with various SME’s in Greece and abroad, we can support our clients’ operations in various fields covering the full spectrum of your needs.