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Theory from action has big distance. Even the best and scientifically argued Marketing plan has null value if it cannot be applied successfully. The application however is also the difficult piece. We consider that the Marketing advisors should be evaluated by taking into account the successful application of actions that being proposed by them.

Στη NORTHCERT, via regular meetings and daily contact, we found ourselves next to enterprise personnel educating and guiding them on-the-job in the way that they will apply those actions that have been drawn, checking the progress of these actions and intervening with corrective actions whenever it needs. In this way, we transport our know-how and we add value in your enterprise. At the same time, it is developed in the inner environment of each enterprise, export culture, something that is essential in order to achieve long term consequence and continuity of policies and actions of export marketing strategy.

Indicative services that we offer:

  • We train, guide, support and supervise your export department executives in order to achieve the desirable goals, that is to say the increase of international sales.
  • We draw up and check sales goals; we evaluate the results and intervene for the rapid transaction.
  • We take actions in order to deal with customer complaints and we handle the customer special needs in such a way so that we are ensure that your company will not be affected in a negative way.
  • We offer our know-how expertise in logistics issues and danger reduction services due to the fact that your company undertakes export activity.