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“Sales” is the objective of each enterprise and the vehicle leading in growth. The expansion of enterprise activities in a new market outside of its borders will lead to increase of sales since the products of this enterprise will be sold in more customers. Here in NORTHCERT, we offer to the enterprises the opportunity of increasing their growth speed, by preparing a functional and effective export sales department. We use the suitable tools, so that we can place sale objectives and create the appropriate business environment that will make this feasible in a constant base and in a specifically determined time period

Indicative services that we offer:

  • Recognize and record the current status.
  • Define the competitors and map their strategies.
  • Monitor each client goals.
  • Draw up and implement strategies in order to achieve the goals, depending on the special characteristics of each period.
  • Instruct enterprises in order to penetrate in new markets and clients.
  • Draw up export sales strategies, tune up with the other enterprise procedures and departments in order for the enterprise to operate smoothly.
  • International fair representation
  • Business trip support services.