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For a lot of manufacturers, product certification is a new significance. NORTHCERT can offer you something beyond just certification services for your products. It can helps the manufacturer, via its know-how and its expertise in product certification, to comprehend the need for certification of manufacturer products, the steps that the manufacturer need to follow and the manufacturer’s profits from this certification procedure, leading the client’s enterprise to acquire its own know-how and competitive advantage against its competitors.

Indicatively we provide services for:

  • CE Marking – Product compliance with European Union directives.
  • Pressure Vessels Certification – Compliance with Simple Pressure Vessels directive.
  • Machines & Lifts Certification – Compliance with Machinery & Lifts directives.
  • Exports / Imports Certificates – Certification according to the specific standards that have been established by various countries such as China, Russian Federation, United States of America, Arab World countries in order to export goods in these countries. Certificates evaluation and approval for products that have been manufactured outside European Union and need to be imported in European Union.