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In a particularly competitive business environment, in which enterprises are operating nowadays, it is essential for their growth to explore new opportunities to increase their competitiveness, their effectiveness and their efficiency.

Enterprises and particularly the SME’s constitute cornerstone of growth for both Greek economy and society. Their contribution in the increase of employment levels, in the Greek economy competitiveness improvement, in the reinforcement of country’s economic prosperity and more generally in social growth and cohesion. To accomplish their goals, enterprises draw and apply investment plans, in order to achieve their continuous growth and to improve their operations and processes. There are various financial tools that enterprises can use in order to proceed with their investment plans, each one with particularly characteristics and special requirements. NORTHCERT maintains long experience in the sector of drawing up and execute investment plans, while NORTHCERT’s personnel has the ability to offer full support to enterprises, in order the enterprises to choose the optimal available financial resources for their investment plans and execute these plans in the most appropriate way. NORTHCERT offers in its clients a wide spectrum of complete services that can be customized according to the particular needs of each enterprise and the specials requirements of each client. These services can be either in early stage such as the evaluation of proposed investment plans and investigation of optimal financial resources or late stage for the implementation of enterprise investment plans. In this way NORTHCERT can undertake on behalf of its client the detailed imprint of business idea and use this as a tool during the whole period that the investment is being executed up to completion of the investment. Services that NORTHCERT offers to its clients are always customizable in order to satisfy the needs of each specific enterprise and include the following among others:

  • Business plan evaluation.
  • Optimal financial resources utilization.
  • Feasibility and sustainability studies.
  • Draw up, development and management of business plans.
  • Implementation of investment plans and business studies.