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As global obstacles to commerce have been removed, more and more companies are seeking opportunities overseas in order to expand their operations beyond their borders. For several companies it is a matter of survival, while for others it is an expansion vehicle. In NORTHCERT, we operate as Export Marketing advisors and give you solutions that are fully customized to your own needs.

“Sales” is the objective of each enterprise and the vehicle leading in growth. The expansion of enterprise activities in a new market outside of its borders will lead to increase of sales since the products of this enterprise will be sold in more customers. Here in NORTHCERT, we offer to the enterprises the opportunity of increasing their growth speed, by preparing a functional and effective export sales department. We use the suitable tools, so that we can place sale objectives and create the appropriate business environment that will make this feasible in a constant base and in a specifically determined time period

A fundamental piece in today's company action is information management. This information management is exactly what we do effectively in NORTHCERT, collection and elaboration of information. Our goal is to assist enterprises to make important decisions that concern their vision and their operation based on objective market data and not on luck or on their executives intuition. A justified market research is the reflection of the market and the forecast of the future course or responsiveness of a product or service..

Market Planning consists of a set of guidelines that concern the orientation of the commercial activity of the company (choice of markets and decision about products the company operates in these markets). In NORTHCERT we plan effective marketing strategies while taking into account the dynamics of our clients in relation to the market's potential. The way the available financial and human resources are allocated and evaluated is incorporated into the strategic planning. Our target is to maintain or improve our client's position in the market.

Product Management is the tackle for recovery. If we can make Product Management to be focused on identifying problems or opportunities in the market and be representing the customers of the company, then the company can recover.

Theory from action has big distance. Even the best and scientifically argued Marketing plan has null value if it cannot be applied successfully. The application however is also the difficult piece. We consider that the Marketing advisors should be evaluated by taking into account the successful application of actions that being proposed by them.