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Market Planning consists of a set of guidelines that concern the orientation of the commercial activity of the company (choice of markets and decision about products the company operates in these markets). In NORTHCERT we plan effective marketing strategies while taking into account the dynamics of our clients in relation to the market's potential. The way the available financial and human resources are allocated and evaluated is incorporated into the strategic planning. Our target is to maintain or improve our client's position in the market.

Indicative services that we offer:

  • Outline the current situation of the company and compose a SWOT and PEST analyses. We use tools that define quantitative as well as qualitative characteristics of the market. In addition, we locate any development opportunities of the company maximizing it current, available resources. Finally, based on realistic forecasts and time plans we developed action plans customized to each client.
  • We supervise the application and implementation of the plan that we agree on with our client
  • We evaluate the existing product portfolio and define product strategy that, occasionally, includes expansion or development of new product lines.
  • We create concepts for effective product and brand management.
  • We maximize the performance of distribution channels by monitoring or finalizing the process of designing the selection and negotiation.
  • We design, implement, supervise and control all communications activities that verify and maximize the results of the marketing strategy that we have agreed upon with our client. We design and consult the implementation of the pricing strategy that serves the client's objectives simultaneously with the maintenance of the market balance.