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Development of Quality Management Systems (ISO, HACCP etc).

As Quality Management we define all the scheduled or systematic procedures or processes that are essential so that it is ensured that a service or a product fulfill certain specifications. Quality Management Systems certify that enterprise’s operations fulfill certain qualitative and measurable criteria.NORTHCERT offers you complete solutions in the development of Quality Management Systems, absolutely adapted in the special requirements and needs of your enterprise.

Indicatively we provide services for development of the following systems:

  • ISO 9001 Management of quality – ISO 9001 is the most internationally common and widespread model of quality management that deals with the operations of an enterprise via methods and systematic controls of enterprise procedures such as: planning, development, production and installation of product or service, covering simultaneously and the stages of customer and support service.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management – ISO 14001 is the International standard for environmental management that ensures that the activities of an enterprise that is certified under this certification do not have negative impact on the environment.
  • ISO 22000 (HACCP) Food Safety Management System – ISO 22000 or HACCP is the most common International food safety management system and obligatory apply to all that participate in the food chain, from the primary sector and the forages production until the distribution in the retail food sale points and the mass food services sector.
  • EurepGAP or Agro 2-1 and 2-2 Management of Agricultural Production – Certification of systems for complete management in the agricultural production aims at the environmental sensitivity and the application of modern cultivation practices and techniques. These can be applied from agricultural organizations of every size and capability, even from individual farmers.